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Kobe Marshall-Stevens

PhD student at University College London
@: kobe.marshall-stevens.20 (at)

I'm currently a PhD student at University College London supervised by Costante Bellettini. My research is in geometric analysis, focused on variational hypersurfaces. Previously, I completed my undergraduate and master's at The University of Warwick.


Year Title Link
2023 On isolated singularities and generic regularity of min-max CMC hypersurfaces. Joint with Costante Bellettini. pdf


Date Title Link
20-24 June 2022 Early Career Researchers in Mathematics 2022 Website
30 November 2019 Warwick Imperial Autumn Meeting Webpage


Title Description Link
Furstenberg x2x3 Conjecture and Rudolph’s Theorem My master's thesis, which contains a complete proof of Rudolph's theorem concerning ergodic measures on the circle. pdf

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